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#2 - Sara Weber on Gen Z's Push to Finally Detox the Workplace

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In Episode #2 of Better Leaders - The Podcast, we talk to Sara Weber, new work expert, journalist and bestselling author of "The world is ending and I still have to work?". In this episode, we talk to Sara about Gen Z's push to finally detox the workplace; what news companies can learn from tech companies about work culture; how to redefine what good leadership looks like; and the journalism industry's lack of honest commitment to equity,

Episode Notes

About Our Guest:

Sara Weber, born in 1987, is a journalist, bestselling author, and digital strategist. She majored in journalism and book science and graduated from Germany’s oldest journalism school Deutsche Journalistenschule. She worked as a freelance writer for Zeit, Süddeutsche Zeitung and Spiegel, among others. As Senior Managing Editor of LinkedIn, she was the face of the network in Germany until she quit her job in 2021. Her main topics are the future of work, business and digitization. She just published her book: "The world is ending and I still have to work?" - exploring how multiple crises impact a generation that is questioning if work is everything and is aiming to rethink the way we work. The German-American lives in Munich. 

About Your Host:

Anita Zielina is the CEO and founder of Better Leaders Lab. She's also an Executive in Residence at the Craig Newmark Graduate School of Journalism at CUNY, where she spent the last few years leading all continuing and executive education initiatives. Anita serves as the inaugural Board Chair of News Product Alliance (NPA) and is a member of the board of directors at the Austrian Public Broadcaster ORF.

For the past 15 years, Anita held senior executive positions focused on product, strategy and innovation in various media and education organizations as Chief Product Officer, Managing Editor Digital, Editor-in-Chief and Director Strategic Initiatives. She has worked with around 500 managers, leaders and entrepreneurs as a consultant, coach and educator.

She holds a Master in Law from Vienna University and an Executive MBA from INSEAD. Anita is an alumna of the Stanford Knight Journalism Fellowship and the Oxford Reuters Institute Fellowship.

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Better Leaders Lab is a Do and Think Tank for good leadership and strategic management in media and beyond and a boutique strategic advisory firm. BLL specializes in organizational change, strategy and scenario planning, leadership development and executive recruiting research. Its goal is to empower managers, leaders and organizations in the broader media, digital & innovation space to build successful, sustainable, modern and healthy businesses.

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